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hi guys!

Feel free to check the contest below. Done by my good friend babyjepux . Yummy gift for winners!…
This year gone very fast. Before you know it, its already nearing its end.

So much to do. So little time.
Time is a factor, when you start to live not only for yourself.
But to those who depends on you.
Hi guys.

Just to let know that I'm currently open to art commission. While I don't have specific time range/per hour rate/styles quotations yet, but you can just pm me for details and how we can work together. I'm a strong believer of working through a process with client so that everybody's happy and I'm not stressed when working on client's project. I uphold and respect clients deadlines.

You can browse my gallery for sample of my works. I usually work with local client whom I can see regularly. I'll post some of my work process here for your view.

Basically I try to avoid requests that consist of sexy/sexual theme of whatever nature, while I respect your views on this matter, I have my principles in my hand to hold to. (I'm suck at drawing female's anatomy, sorry)

That's all for now. Just drop in some notes or pm for any queries.

Thank you for your time. :)
This time they bombed the people there, and claimed for their own safety.
I think it's no use condemning them
Or curse them with whatever language you have

It's time to take action
Be it boycotting the company who proudly sponsoring Zionist Armed Force
Or make art about it
spread the news
spread the awareness
spread the understanding
Be it in illustrations, comics, songs, poems

In this time, we are at weakest state
we don't have khalifah to lead
nor we have access to weapons
Nevertheless, if we don't have guns or bombs
We still have pen and paper
and blogs and networks

Lets do something
Lets tribute as much art as we can
against the cruel Zionist
InsyaAllah the mujahidin will be victorious..
I got this story from a Chinese Muslim page in fb, ,its about a dedicated youth who has done da'wah even when he is in his teens. Let's have this one as an example and motivation..

    Ya ALLAH selamatkan remaja-remaja ISLAM kami dari banjir maksiat yang melanda umat ini. Ya ALLAH selamtkan anak-anak kami dari dosa dan maksiat dan dari perkara yang haram. Jadikanlah anak-anak kami penyambung dakwah nabi dan mewarisi sunnah nabi saw di masa hadapan.

    ISLAM, UMAT yang dulu menyinari dunia dengan sinar kebaikan dan kemajuan. Hari ini UMAT itu dalam kedahagaan dan kehancuran. Ampunkan dosa kami semua.

    Seorang pemuda yang saya kenali namanya huzaifah. Ketika itu dia tingkatan 4. Dia berdakwah di MRSM nya bersama bbrapa rakan telah meyebabkan seluruh MRSM itu telah berubah menjadi seperti remaja yang takwa.

    Mereka tahajud dan menangis. Setiap kali lepas solat kali pertama saya melihat remaja semuanya menangis. Spontan tanpa lagu dan desakan. Waktu malam mereka menangis. Masa PROGRAM masjid waktu malam mereka berebut membersihkan tandas.

    Tidak pernah saya jumpa remaja seperti itu. Masa itu saya di UPM. Huzaifah dan rakan-rakannya sentiasa meminta nasihat dalam dakwah mereka.

    Sehingga suatu hari, ustaz-ustaz mereka melarang mereka. Mereka beri sebab yang telah melumpuhkan semangat mereka. Saya dipanggil pengetua sekolah itu dan polis datang rumah saya kerana desakan beberapa orang besar yang cintakan dunia.

    Saya buat makan dirumah dan kumpulkan pelajar ini di rumah saya.

    Sehingga waktu itu 70 orang pelajar mereka semua putus asa.

    Ustaz syafie seorang ustaz saya kata, adakah kerana kata-kata manusia dan sedikit tekanan melemahkan kita dalam perjuangan. Adakah kita nak biarkan air mata nabi terus mengalir dan darah nabi keluar. Kata-kata mereka atau air mata nabi yang kita beratkan.

    Pelajar ini bertambah semangat. Beginilah orang alim yang memahami nilai manusia yang mendekati umat ini.

    Mereka yang mendakwa mencintai Nabi SAW tetapi tidak bagi masa untuk umat ini mereka tidak menghargai manusia dan nilai manusia.
    Hanya kesilapan dan kelemahan yang mereka nampak. Nabi SAW ialah manusia yang paling menghargai manusia. Orang macam Wahsyi dan hindon pun dapat kebaikan dari kasih sayang Nabi SAW. Inilah sifat Dai menyayangi dan mencari potensi umat ini.

    Segala puji bagi ALLAH seluruh MRSM itu meningkat keputusan SPM mereka. Jadi mrsm cemerlang.

    Huzaifah meneruskan dakwahanya sehingga ke UMT. Berapa ramai budak pemuda yang suka berzina mula bertaubat. pemuda yang tidak solat mula solat asbab huzaifah ini.

    Dalam satu khuruj beliau di Sabah. Ketika masjid tiada air. Selepas solat subuh berjemaah dan memberi kuliah subuh Mereka mandi sungai dan beliau lemas dan syahid.

    Masa mayat sampai di Masjid SP. Darah dihidung dan badannya masih keluar. Walaupun seorang remaja yang tidak dikenali, solat jenazah ramai sangat macam seorang Mufti dan Ulama besar meninggal dunia. Walaupun ketika itu dalam 5.30 petang.

    Lepas itu jenazahnya dibawa ke Masjid Sungai besar. Sangat ramai juga solat jenazahnya. Seluruh keluarganya membuat perubahan yang sangat besar dengan amalan huzaifah ini sehingalah beliau meninggal dunia.

    Masa kebumikannya mayatnya macam hidup. Seorang pemuda yang saya sangat hormat. Demi ALLAH saya tidak pernah melihat jenazah yang begitu cantik sepertinya. Semoga ALLAH rahmati huzaifah dan hidupkan ramai lagi remaja sepertinya.

    Amalan dan akhlaknya begtiu hebat. Sehingga jika saya ceritakan boleh jadi buku. Nama anak saya huzaifah juga asbab nama sahabat dan saya teringatkan huzaifah ini. Semoga ALLAH jadikan anak saya menghidupkan agama dan syahid di jalannya juga.
Just stumbled across her website, after suggested by few good friends.

All I can say she is a good reference for people who attempts to draw decent muslim girls. Kinda stylish but still have that modest feel when you observe her fashions. Go there and support her!

Thanks. See you later.
Just completed setup my art page at FaceBook. you can view it here..…

Just click like and comment any artworks you like. Most of the works, especially the published one has been uploaded.

See you there!
Since most of my office mates are going for holiday, I take this short opportunity to wish you guys Happy Chinese New Year and have a safe journey wherever you go.

As for me, its going to be long holiday to spend with my family. Maybe we'll do some house cleaning. eh? gallery is almost 200 drawings, need to clear up some of the unwanted pieces.

I like the new grouping features, almost like in the twitter. Easy to find where people with the same interest of you hanging out. just joined tekken and world of warcraft.

hope to see you guys there..!
Finally I've completed my master courses, well almost, except for the thesis. At least I don't have to endure weekly stress and weekend bookworming (is this the correct word?) again. More time to play and draw after this!

Lukis komik 3++ page dan cuma dapat subscription devart 3 bulan (?) yang tiada makna..sahaja? boleh tukar jadik cash dan makan kat kedai kesukaan bukankah lagi bererti?

Sorry for the lack of update. Been studying to free up my drawing styles for the past few months. I still felt my arms restricted and not in-sync with my feelings and imaginations. I hope to break that barrier sooner or later...
You give me Llama, and i'll give you Llama. Simple deal. Deal?
Wow..i really forgot to update this part of my devart. Nothing much to say now. just wait for my 3rd Sahabat Kole Kacang series which is scheduled to out somewhere in January next year. I don't plan to continue the series, since the original writer Mr. Zafran passed away early this year. Maybe for now, because I don't have the same feeling in writing and I don't want to loose the great part of the series, if I'm the one writing it.

OK, life goes on. Looking for another project now. In the mean time I better off practicing. Thank you for reading my rumblings.. :)
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If all goes well, I will give a book talk at MPH Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur. This program was made possible by the wonderful people at PTS-One. Until today the schedule as follows:-

Date: 3rd August 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 3.00pm
Venue: I'm not sure, maybe the open area inside MPH

I'll update any info here and through my blog.

See you guys there.. :)
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My works will be displayed at Pekomik MiniKon which is held during Pesta Buku Antarabangsa KL '08. Feel free to come and see many works of our local artiste.

here's the detail:

Pekomik Mini Convension
Date: 5 - 13 April 2008
Time: (10am-8pm)
Venue: Kedah Johor Hall, PWTC MAIN Lobby, GF, PWTC

[kinda nervous because this is my first art showcase]

see ya later guys...

more info click here...…
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Hi guys... here's my new comic. Got real busy with work, family and of course, my new princess. I'll post her pics later.

Here's the comic. Enjoy :)…
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Hi guys,
as promised, here is the DigiMag we were working on.
many talented people with one theme, the Ma'al Hijrah for this year.
Hope you guys like it and please pass it to everybody.

[right click, save as]
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Happy Hijriah New Year.

We are currently working on digimags under alwan comics flag for the hijriah new year. stay tuned. :)
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Happy new year my friends...err..need some sleep. bye then ....ZZzzz
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